Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Flash Forward

Here are the swatches for the "Flash Forward" collection that I will be posting on the site within the next two hours.

With flash

Without Flash in bad lighting

Loose shadows (L to R:) "Futuristic"- Super sparkly golden olive
"Party Dress"- Super sparkly purple/blue. (2nd pic does this the most justice.)

Lip Liner: "It's Destiny"- Golden peachy pink.

Lip Poisons (Top to Bottom:) "Party in Times Square"- Grey with shimmer.
"Bling in the New Year"- Deep fuschia with purple/pink shimmer.
"The Countdown Begins"- Creamy baby pink.  Semi-sheer.

There is also a pressed shadow "2012" which is a deep purpley maroon with lots of sparkle.

Hope you all had a great Tuesday!
Love, T


  1. Party Dress, It's Destiny and Bling in the New Year are my must haves :)

  2. Looks amazing! I'm trying to justify a 4th order in about 6 weeks to myself!

  3. Party Dress and Bling in the New Year are gorgeous, and I definately need to try Party in Times Square!

  4. omg I have to have Bling in the new year. Loving the order I got recently, love the little pans, I see another order soon when I have money.