Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Flash Forward

Here are the swatches for the "Flash Forward" collection that I will be posting on the site within the next two hours.

With flash

Without Flash in bad lighting

Loose shadows (L to R:) "Futuristic"- Super sparkly golden olive
"Party Dress"- Super sparkly purple/blue. (2nd pic does this the most justice.)

Lip Liner: "It's Destiny"- Golden peachy pink.

Lip Poisons (Top to Bottom:) "Party in Times Square"- Grey with shimmer.
"Bling in the New Year"- Deep fuschia with purple/pink shimmer.
"The Countdown Begins"- Creamy baby pink.  Semi-sheer.

There is also a pressed shadow "2012" which is a deep purpley maroon with lots of sparkle.

Hope you all had a great Tuesday!
Love, T

Thursday, December 22, 2011

New collection swatches!

Hello lovely readers!

First, the lip liner. I have a very limited number of these and once they are gone, I will have no more. I do plan to add a permanent line of lip liners to the site in the near future, but probably not until next year. This one is called "It's Destiny". It is a golden peachy pink.

                                                    Hand swatch.
Lip Swatch (on entire lips)
On lips with "Freshly Fallen Snow" layered over it.

The liner has a lipstick-like feel.  It will be part of the "Flash Forward" collection which will be up as soon as I can get it on the site.  It will be $4.00.

On to the Lip Poisons.  The top two are from the "Merry Christmas to You" collection (out tomorrow), and the bottom three are from the "Flash Forward" collection.

Top to bottom: "Eggnog", "Freshly Fallen Snow", "Bling in the New Year", "Party in Times Square", and "The Countdown Begins".

"Eggnog" : Creamy yellow/beige.  Sheer. (Christmas Collection)

"Freshly Fallen Snow" : Sheer wash of silvery shimmer. (Christmas collection)

"Bling in the New Year" : Blue based raspberry with pink/magenta shimmer.

"The Countdown Begins.." Semi-sheer light pink creme.

"Party in Times Square"  Medium grey with silver shimmer.

On to the Christmas shadows:

(L to R:) "Oh Christmas Tree"- Emerald green with red and gold sparkle; "My Favorite Ornament"- Vibrant red with green/lime sparkle; "Sleigh Bells"- Intense gold (pressed).

I should have more swatches from the "Flash Forward collection soon.  That is all for today!  Look for the "Merry Christmas to You" collection tomorrow.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

$4 weekend sale!

This weekend, I'm running a small sale on the front page only.  The colors listed there will be $4.00 for a full size jar/pan/gloss.  Sale ends Monday!

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday colors!

Hi everyone,

I know I'm a tad late getting these up.  There hasn't been the best lighting lately to try to capture the colors anywhere near accurately. 

With every order (during the sale) you will receive a free jar of loose shadow in "Thankful".  This is a rich yellow/orange with slight teal shift.

Here are the new lip poisons.  These are all clear with a very definite shift.  "Venom" is included in this shall collection.  These swatches are the best I could get.

Golden/Green shift.

Red/Pink Shift.

Teal/Blue shift.

Sheer pink with golden/teal shift.

Teal/green shift with interesting purple shimmer.

Blue/Violet shift.

And here is a hand swatch of all the colors:
Top: Hyper, Escape and Impulse
Bottom: Warped, Venom and Unpredictable

As I mentioned before, the sale will be 10% off and will also include a "VC" stick pen.

The sale will be live tonight and will last until Sunday at 12am EST. 

Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Black Friday Sale and goodies!

Hi all,

I am planning a small sale for Black Friday that will lead up to one of two interesting collections I have planned for December.  The sale will be 10% off everything and every order will include a full size loose shadow in "Thankful" (which I have yet to debut).  Also, every order will get a new Venomous Cosmetics stick pen (..because I'm a pen addict..and I must order and give away pens!)
Lastly, the free samples which come with every order will be from the upcoming "Flashback" Collection.
The "Flashback" Collection will consist of past colors that were best sellers and favorites that have been discontinued.  I have it planned to be up on 12/14 when "Dragons.." ends. 
The second December collection will be called "Flash Forward" and I don't really wanna give too much info about it yet.  (Think sparkly!)  That collection is scheduled for later December, around New Year's.

I still have yet to fix the Lip Poison page, but I haven't forgotten.  I will do that when I get a free moment.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Once, They All Believed in Dragons"

Hi everyone!

Here are the swatches from the new collection.  It consists of seven loose shadows and two lip poisons.  I have left out the pressed shadows because it would have taken some of the effect from the colors.
First up are the Lip Poisons:

                                         "The Hatchling"- Silvery teal with pretty pink qualities.

                                                   "First Flight"- Pearly watermelon pink.

Next are the loose shadows:

                                         "Zu" is a light mauve with teal qualities.
                                         "Scales of Gold" has a deep black base with opaque golden shimmer.
                                         "Wings of Legend" is a deep teal with pretty green sparkle.
                                         "Creature of Night" has a black bas with tons of pink and purple  
                                         "Dragon's Lair" is a blue-violet with golden shimmer.
                                         "Night Fury is a red-based purple with strong teal interference.
                                         "Firedrake" is a medium red/orange with red and golden sparks.

On another note, I wanted to introduce the new Lip Poison containers and what I have finally decided the cost will be.  They are 7.8ml which is quite a bit more than even the full size I was offering before.  For now they will be $6.00.  Here is a size comparison:  (Silver tops are the old containers, black top is the new.)

I am going to start putting up the new collection right now.  I realize that I am a little late with it.

Have a splendid afternoon all!

*All swatches done on bare skin, dry.*

Friday, October 28, 2011


So, for the first post, I thought I would share a little more about myself and where I see this blog going.

This is me. 25. Single mom (for now). Arachnid obsessed. Slave to all things beauty. Dedicated to my small business and it's customers. In love with all things mint or peppermint. Socially awkward. Travel addict...and frequent visitor of the beach (cold weather or not).

Five things about you which most people would not guess?
1. I lost 210 lbs when I was 18-19, through my own diet and exercize program.
2. I am a recovered alcoholic for 3 years now. I stopped cold turkey when I found out about my son.
3. I have severe social anxiety disorder which causes paralyzing anxiety attacks at times.
4. I lived in Australia for a short time and planned on moving permanently.
5. Aside from the arachnids and snake, I also have a breeding pair of sugar gliders, 5 dogs, 2 ferrets, a horse and a lovebird.

Why spiders? They are so creepy!
I used to think so too. I think now, I can identify with how outcast they are from the world. In reality, they are beneficial to us. They help control the outdoor pest population and their venom is being studied to possibly create medications that will be very helpful to us.
However, I realize many people have an intense fear of them, so I will very rarely post pictures.

What direction am I going with future blog posts?
I plan to share info about upcoming giveaways/sales for VC. Also, updates on new product development and early swatches for upcoming collections. The occassional review of items that are non-VC related and of course the very rare personal posts.

Any upcoming collection hints?
On November 3rd, I plan to release the "Once, They All Believed in Dragons.." collection. It will be dragon inspired, and the colors will be geared towards dark, interesting shades.

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend!

Much Love,