Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Re-opening Sales and Deals

I am sooooo excited to be back!  Leaving VC felt like part of me was missing for bit.
I want to share the sales that will be going on with the re-opening..

And of course, there is the
Also, as mentioned in the previous post, there is a similar deal with the Deep Space Trios Collection, where you can get a free jar of "Bravest Astronaut" with a $25 order.  However, limit is two free shadows with any order.
Last but not least, a new color of the month!!
I will repost later on FB when the new site is up.
Hope you all like the slightly updated site and new colors!
Much Love,

Deep Space Trios Collection Shadows

Here is the last post of the new collections which I might push up to be released later tonight instead of Thursday, depending on how things go. 
Here are the loose trio of shadows:
And here are the pressed shades:
..And with a purchase of $25 or more from this collection, I will throw in a free jar of the best-selling shade-"Bravest Astronaut" from the 2010 "Spaced Out" collection!  This offer will be available until Saturday, 9/6!
I will be posting once more in a little while about more sales and deals that will be on the site upon the grand re-opening!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Little Mermaid Pressed Shadows

This is my last post tonight.. and it is about the pressed shades in the upcoming Little Mermaid collection.
Dress up a neutral eye look with "Ship Wrecked"!  This is a warm brown with a little extra something in the way of gold sparks.
This leans more white than silver, but the satin sheen is so pretty as a highlighter or for the inner corners.
Of course there is always a problem taking pics of the blurples!  This seems more blue and intense in person.  The turquoise sparks are something else!
Washed Ashore rides that yellow/olive line but falls more on the green side.  This one is lovely with Flotsam and Jetsam.
...And the favorite!  This is "Apocalypse" re-booted with an orange/ bronze sheen instead of pink/red.  So delicate and girly.  It reminds me of the sunlight cast upon the water as it's setting.
These will be available 9/3!

Little Mermaid Loose Shadows

Hello everyone! 
Hope you all are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend!
I wanted to share the loose shadows from the Little Mermaid collection in this post.

First is "Flotsam and Jetsam":
Usually olive/green shadows tend to look muddy on me but the gold in this one brightens it a touch.  In real life, this is a tiny bit darker and richer than the photo.
Next is:
This is difficult to photograph.  The picture looks almost washed out compared to the brightness that is "Three Days" in person.  It is a touch more red, and more vibrant.
..And "Ariel":
If you liked "Alice" from last year's "Wonderland" collection but hated the application, you will love this one.  Ariel is a cool medium aqua with a matte finish.  It's a bit more dusty and a bit darker, but it's in the same ballpark.
This is the favorite of the five for me.  Bright red/purple with a matte finish.
Last is "Sebastian":
Everyone's favorite grumpy underwater conductor never looked so sparkly!  This is a cool red, with tons of red sparkle.  Definitely makes a statement.
These will be available beginning 9/3!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Little Mermaid Lip Poisons

So, here is another piece to the grand re-opening of VC!
First we have "Part of Your World":
This one is pretty pic accurate.  Possibly my favorite of this collection.
Next is "Ursula's Lair":
When the Sea Witch comes to mind, I always think of purple.  This is a fall shade that is medium coverage and not too over the top.
Then we have the problem child... "Hidden Treasures":
I cannot get this to photograph anywhere close to how it appears in real life.  This is a warm pink with stunning red shimmer in the sunlight.
"Kiss the Girl":
This is the neutral shade with a bit extra.  The delicate golden shimmer is so pretty in the sunlight but never overpowering.
Last up is what I believe will be the favorite of most from this collection, "Under the Sea":
Possibly the most beloved song from Disney's Little Mermaid, "Under the Sea" is a bold red that just looks like fun.  It's not too warm or cool for most skin tones.  Don't miss "Sebastian" loose shadow, which is a sister shade, if you like this one.
Hope you all enjoyed the preview! 
I will post more tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Deep Space Lip Poison Trio

Hi lovely people,
So today, I am debuting the Lip Poisons from the Deep Space Trio collection which will be out September 4th (if everything goes accordingly).
For this collection, I have three Lip Poisons, three pressed shades and three loose shadows.
First up is "Far From Home":
This photo is slightly misleading.  "Far From Home" is a touch more pink and less brassy looking.  Peachy coral is a good description.  What I like about this one is that it even works for us cool toned girls!  The gold shimmer in this one is so pretty.
Next is "Final Frontier":
The red sparkle in this one almost makes the taupe-y base appear to be a dusty purple in the tube.  However, once on the lips it is definitely a cool toned taupe.  I would say this one is more for medium skin tones.
And "The Encounter" finishes this trio:
Another shade which refuses to photograph accurately.  The blue shimmer in this one will not show up on camera.  "The Encounter" is a bright pink with a blue glow-y quality.
These will be $6.25 when I re-open and the minis will be $3.50 (with special deals when buying the "trio"). 
Note: In the next few months I will be changing the size of the minis to be smaller as my manufacturer discontinued the 3.5ml tubes.  I will post an update when I am getting low on the mini tubes.
Hope you all love the new VC coming very soon!

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Return of VC on the horizon?

My struggles with my eczema seem to be beginning to pay off, so much so that soon I will be considering re-opening VC.  As soon as I am sure I'll be able to fulfill orders in a timely manner (tats under 5 days unless otherwise noted), then I will post about my plans for the future of Venomous.  Until then, here are two teasers I've been working on..on and off.
I will wait to re-open until I am certain I can provide the best products with the fastest turnaround times possible.
Much Love Always,

Thursday, May 15, 2014

WHAT on Earth has happened to VC??

Hi everyone,

A lot has happened in the last year that I would like to share with you.

The beginning of the decline of Venomous Cosmetics
My once beloved business has suffered greatly in the last year, and I am not one to make excuses for the sake of doing so.  As hard as I tried to keep VC going and keep up with orders, it became impossible due to my personal life basically falling apart.  I was staying up nights to get orders done and trying to work during the day to keep the household going.. and at some point everything became too much.  I apologize for every time your orders were late (sometimes ridiculously late), every time you didn't receive a timely response to an email or inquiry or anytime discounts were not applied promptly.  And then, the nail in the coffin:

Such a small word to cause such enormous problems.  I am sure many of you remember all the nail posts I did on this blog.. 

This is a before picture:
This is what eczema did to my hands:
Not only does it look horrible, it is excruciating.  I had trouble accomplishing daily responsibilities like changing diapers, taking showers, washing dishes.  It was impossible to press shadows or make lip poison even with two pairs of gloves.   I eventually lost all my nails as well.
I found a new treatment and slowly I am recovering, but it has been a long road.
Weight gain/loss  and  Depression
Back at the end of 2012, I posted about a personal tragedy which I never disclosed the nature of at that time, except to a few people I considered close to me.  At the time, I had no idea how much the incident(s) could change me.  My then boyfriend (now husband) was unfaithful and I internalized it, feeling that it was my fault.  I begin to gain weight as I turned to food for comfort.  I hit an all time low when I realized I had gained so much by early fall 2013.  The depression fed the need to eat for comfort.  So this was me just 5 months ago at Christmas: 
I saw this pic and cried.. but decided to do something about it.  Here is my personal album of pics along the way, if you are interested in seeing my weight loss journey, which is right now 94 pounds lost since my start date Jan. 21st, 2014. 
Here are a few pictures of me currently, without makeup, because I believe makeup is an awesome thing to make us feel prettier, but we are all beautiful in our own way without it.
Thank you all for your support of VC over the years, and when I re-open VC will be better than ever! 
Much Love,