Monday, January 30, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in "Brattlesnake"

I have one last post for you tonight.  I have been hearing a LOT about Sally Hansen's Salon Effects real nail polish strips, so I HAD to try them.
When I went in to Ulta the other day to get another NYX Jumbo Pencil, I also left with two boxes of Salon Effects.  Tonight, I have for you "Brattlesnake".

Each box contains a file, a cuticle stick, instructions and 16 polish strips divided into two packets.

If you have short nails like I do, you can actually get two uses out of one box by cutting the strips in half.  I would like to mention that if you plan to do this, do NOT open the second packet, as the strips dry out once opened.

The application was incredibly easy and they went on flawlessly.  The instructions are easy to follow and are pretty much mistake proof.

Above swatch is with flash, bottom is without.  I sealed these with China Glaze's Fast Forward Top Coat.

I have to say I absolutely LOVE these.  I can't comment yet on wear, since I have only put them on this evening, but it claims to last up to 10 days.

These were $9.99 at Ulta but I am sure you can find coupons for them or possibly somewhere that sells them a bit cheaper.  I will definitely be buying more of these in the future.

Have you tried Salon Effects?  What do you think of them?

The Icing Magnetix Polish Swatches and Thoughts

So, I wanted to make a second post for The Icing polishes.  I found these the other day when I was at the mall shopping for baby clothes.  They still had all the colors, but I chose the gold/green and the pink/red.  I wish now that I would've gotten the blue one as well!  Darn it!

These are supposed to have removeable magnets on the tops. 
I wanted to make a note that I did not leave the magnet on top of the gold one to show you how they are sold.  The magnet is still on the top because I can NOT get it to come off.  I have tried and tried to pull it off, but it will not come loose.  I think I just got a faulty one.

I have heard that the brushes on these are wonky (bent bristles, curved bristles, stray bristles, etc.).  My brushes were fine, however, it was like I read on The Polishaholic.  Using these brushes was like applying the polish with a mop!
The first two fingers are the pink/red and the last two are the green/gold.  Pointer and ring fingers have just one coat, while I applied two coats to the middle and pinky fingers.
Top swatch is with flash. 

These polishes were $9 at The Icing with a discount of buy one, get one half off (which The Icing always offers).  As I understand it, these are only available in store and not online with the exception of possibly ebay and the like.

Have you tried the Icing's version of the magnetic polishes?  How do you think it compares to other brands like China Glaze and Nails Inc.?

China Glaze Magnetix Polish Swatches and Thoughts

Hello lovely people!  I got my China Glaze shipment from Head2Toe Beauty, which contained two "Magnetix" polishes and two of their magnets.  I chose "Drawn to You" and "Pull Me Close" (the purple and the blue).
The magnet was a bit smaller than I had expected.

I have heard mixed things about the CG magnet, particularly the "star" design.  I personally love the CG magnet, but the star did present a problem.  It seemed to look good once the magnet was removed, but then it blurred, as seen on the following swatch (mostly on the pinky).

One coat on pointer and ring finger.  Two coats on middle and pinky.  The first two are "Pull Me Close" and the last two are "Drawn to You".  The top swatch is with flash and the bottom in dimming natural light.

I will be giving one of the magnets away in my March giveaway, so check back for that!
Overall, the CG Magnetix polishes applied very smoothly, and looked decent with one coat.  I would still suggest putting a second coat for richer color.
You can find these on Head2Toe Beauty, TransDesign and 8ty8 Beauty for under $5.00.

Have you tried the China Glaze magnet?  What do you think of it?

Friday, January 27, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix Collection

So, the magnetic polish trend is taking off!  China Glaze now has a collection called "Magnetix" which has a separate magnet apart from the polish. 

Right now, the polish e-tailers that carry this line are:
Head 2 Toe Beauty - $4.60 for the polishes and magnet each. (Accepts Paypal)
8ty8 Beauty - $4.08 for the polishes and magnet each.  (No Paypal)
TransDesign - $4.60 for the polishes and magnet each. (Accepts Paypal)

You can also pick them up at your local Sally's for $9.99, I believe.

I have purchased a few shades from the collection, as well as a magnet for myself and one for a March giveaway!  Swatches to come when the package arrives!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nail Trends Part 5 and Giveaway Details!

The fifth and final nail trend that I am including in the giveaway is:  Glitter Holos!!

These are holographic polishes that are not linear, but instead have larger glitter particles that are holographic, resulting in a less uniform holo look.
Milani's 3D holographics are a great example.  For the giveaway, I have for you Milani's "Hi-Tech":

I did not have time to swatch this for you guys due to my polish mishap earlier, but here are few links with awesome swatches of "Hi-Tech":

On to the giveaway!  The prizes are:

China Glaze Matte Magic effects top coat.
LA Girl's Fruity polish in "Blueberry Fizz".
Milani's 3D Holographic Polish in "Hi-Tech".
Color Club holo polish in "Worth the Risque".
Essie's "Shine of the Times".

This giveaway is open internationally.  The only requirement to enter is that you must be a follower of this blog.  You can enter by leaving a comment to this post with the following info:
1. Confirm that you follow (Required)
2. Do you follow Venomous Cosmetics Facebook? (Extra entry)
3. Tweet about the giveaway. (Extra entry)
4. Blog about the giveaway. (Extra entry)
5. What is your favorite nail polish trend? (Extra entry)

This contest closes on February 14th, 2012 at 6pm EST.  The winner will be chosen with a random number generator and be announced shortly after.  Good luck all!

Much Love,

"Love Stinks" Collection Swatches- Shadows.

I had to break the VC post into two posts because it was so pic heavy.  Here is part two- the shadows.

First are the loose powder shadows:
Top: "Miss Independent", "Not So Blue Over You" and "Wilted Roses". 
Bottom: "Don't Look Back".

"Miss Independent" is a deep, dark purple with purple and pink shimmer.

"Not So Blue Over You" is a medium periwinkle with pink qualities.

"Wilted Roses" is one of my favs.  This is a super deep red with aqua sparkle.

"Don't Look Back" is a purple/mauve with a lighter pink sheen. (This one is a bit hard to capture in a pic accurately)

Next, we have the pressed shades.

Top: "Better Off Alone", "Guarded" and "Un-Brokenhearted".
Bottom: "Unattached".

"Better Off Alone" is a lovely purple with a lighter bluish-purple sheen/shimmer.

"Guarded" is a golden shimmering chartreuse.

"Un-Brokenhearted" is a pink verging on hot pink with a brighter pink sheen to it.

"Unattached" is a golden emerald shimmer.

That's it for the collection.  Pressed shades are $6.50 for full size and $2.00 for a 15mm sample pan.  Loose shadows are $6.50 for full size and $1.00 for 1/4 tsp sample baggie.


"Love Stinks" Collection Swatches- Lip Poisons

Hello lovely people!  I have the swatches and product photos for the new collection ready for you. 

"Love Stinks" is my Valentine's Day Collection.  While V-Day is a day celebrating love, sometimes love just stinks!  Heartaches happen all the time and this is a collection dedicated to those who have felt love's sting.

First up, I have the Lip Poisons.

(L to R:) "Kiss and Break-Up", "Over It", "Shoot Cupid" and "Let U Go".

"Kiss and Break-Up" is a medium bubblegum pink that has small specks of shimmer in direct sun light.

"Over It" is a medium shimmery cerulean blue.  This covers quite opaquely.

"Shoot Cupid" is a deep plummy purple/maroon.  This one is also pretty opaque.

Last, but NOT least.. we have "Let U Go".  This is a true orange with little bits of orange shimmer that can be seen in direct light.  (Sorry for the awful lip swatch here.)

I also have a new Lip Poison at the top of the main page for sale now.  It is named for my new baby boy who is due in May, and will eventually be sold on the Lip Poison page next to his big brother's "Austin Boy".  "Silly Sean the Jellyfish" is a purpley mauve with subtle pink sheen.  This color is completely wearable without being boring or neutral.  I love this one.

These glosses are up for sale on the main page of Venomous Cosmetics now for $6.

                   Stick around for the shadows in the next post!

A Polish Oops..

So, this afternoon I received my first order from the Llarowe shop.  If you are not familiar with them, they sell Glitter Gal, Ludurana, Hits, Ozotic and a few other difficult to find (in the US) polish brands.  I know Glitter Gal is not a new brand to most polish fans, but I saw a few swatches of some of their holos and HAD to place an order!

I picked up Glitter Gal 3D Holo polishes in "Fuchsia" and "10 to Midnight", as well as HITS Mari Moon Multi-Chrome Polish in "Artsy".   

I was carrying the polishes into my living room to take pics, when I tripped over one of my sons toys and had an unfortunate polish oops.  The prettifulness of GG "Fuchsia" was broken in a puddle on the floor.  Very sad. 

Fortunately, I had enough left in the bottle to paint my nails quickly before it dried up completely!

I have to!  This is really quite amazing.  The application was sooo smooth and dried fairly quickly.  If you like holos, one or more of these should be part of your collection!

They sell for $14.00 USD in Llarowe's shop, and the shipping is very reasonable and fast.  I would like to mention though, that Glitter Gal polishes are quite a bit smaller than the standard of OPI or China Glaze.

         (Glitter Gal "10 to Midnight" next to CG's "Traffic Jam")

On a side note, tonight I will get to the other blogs I have lined up regarding the new Venomous Cosmetics collection and the nail polish giveaway!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nail Trend Giveaway Part 4: Scented

The fourth polish going into the giveaway is LA Girl's "Fruity" polish.  I had heard mixed things about these on a few different blogs, but figured I would try them when I saw them on Cherry Culture
I ended up with (L to R:) Watermelon Splash, Blissful Blackberry, and Blueberry Fizz.

I chose Blueberry Fizz for the Giveaway.

Here it is on the nails.

This is actually darker in person.

The complaints I was hearing on the blogs was about a strong nail polish odor mixed with the scent.  I don't know if I got a better batch or if it's pregnancy nose, but I did not experience this at all.  This color has a blueberry/berry scent that is slowly fading after a day of wear. 

Have you tried scented polish?  What's your take on them?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An awesome Blogiversary Giveaway at!

Hi there!  I just wanted to mention an awesome giveaway that I just came across while reading some polish blogs.  Jasmine at is giving away 4 different prizes to 4 different winners!  If you love flakies, check it out!  Ends 2/6!

Enter Here

Love, T

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nail Trend Giveaway Part 3: Matte-ify Me

The third post for the giveaway is about Matte top coats.  For the giveaway, I have for you: China Glaze's Matte Magic.

There are tons of matte transforming top coats out there, Essie's "Matte About You" being my favorite so far.  China Glaze's version is also lovely!  The thing I noticed with this one is that the effect/drying time takes a bit longer than some of the others.  The effect is so pretty though, just the same.

Here is a swatch of CG's "Drastic" alone. (2 coats)

Here is "Drastic" with CG Matte Magic added over it.

I love the effect it gives darker colors.  It reminds me of those "iced" ornaments at Christmas.   I also LOVE it over flakies!

Here are a few other swatches of Matte Magic from a few polish bloggers:
All Laquered Up's Swatch and Review
Scrangie's Swatches (a little down the page)
Lacquerized's matte top coat comparison

Are you mad for matte?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nail Trend Giveaway Part 2: Holos

Happy Sunday everyone!  Today is part two and it will be Holos. 

Holographic polishes have also been around for quite a while, but they are pure awesomeness nonetheless.  From the infamous and impossible to find (for a reasonable price) China Glaze OMG, to Nfu oh's #61-66, these look so amazing in the sun.

For the giveaway, I have for you:
Color Club's "Worth the Risque".  This will be pictured with CC's "Revvvolution".  "Worth the Risque" is the usual silver holo, that for some reason actually seems to show up more in artificial light.  There have been several cases of people ending up with the non-holo version of this polish from certain dealers, but I assure you, this one is the holographic version.

And the pics:
L to R: "Worth the Risque" and "Revvvolution"

This pic doesn't really do the polish justice.  These are notoriously difficult to photograph.
Here are some awesome swatches of "Worth the Risque":

(Pictured in two coats with China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat.)

Are you crazy for holos?