Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tropical Look

I know I usually don't do LOTD posts, but I quite liked this one.  (Taken with my IPad in photo booth for the kaleidoscope effect.)

Colors used:
(All Venomous Cosmetics)
(Inner Corner outward on lid:) "The Last Unicorn"-pressed, "Feelin' Lucky"-pressed, "Finest Archer"-pressed, "Centipede"-pressed, "Chupacabra"-pressed and "The Hob"-loose. (Crease outward:) "Feelin' Lucky"-pressed, "Banshee"-pressed, "Ogopogo"-pressed, "Unbrokenhearted"-pressed and "Phoenix" pressed.  Applied over UDPP!

Hope you are all having a spledid Sunday!  Love, T