Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday colors!

Hi everyone,

I know I'm a tad late getting these up.  There hasn't been the best lighting lately to try to capture the colors anywhere near accurately. 

With every order (during the sale) you will receive a free jar of loose shadow in "Thankful".  This is a rich yellow/orange with slight teal shift.

Here are the new lip poisons.  These are all clear with a very definite shift.  "Venom" is included in this shall collection.  These swatches are the best I could get.

Golden/Green shift.

Red/Pink Shift.

Teal/Blue shift.

Sheer pink with golden/teal shift.

Teal/green shift with interesting purple shimmer.

Blue/Violet shift.

And here is a hand swatch of all the colors:
Top: Hyper, Escape and Impulse
Bottom: Warped, Venom and Unpredictable

As I mentioned before, the sale will be 10% off and will also include a "VC" stick pen.

The sale will be live tonight and will last until Sunday at 12am EST. 

Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving!



  1. Just a quick question, are the new lip poisons something that would work well over lipstick to give a bit of a colour shift? Thanks :)

  2. Yes, absolutely! They are actually made with a clear base (with the exception of Impulse), so they are perfect for layering.

  3. Awesome :) Thanks for the quick response, I'm just making my order right now. I haven't even got my last order yet haha, it's coming in the post though! Exciting!