Thursday, November 17, 2011

Black Friday Sale and goodies!

Hi all,

I am planning a small sale for Black Friday that will lead up to one of two interesting collections I have planned for December.  The sale will be 10% off everything and every order will include a full size loose shadow in "Thankful" (which I have yet to debut).  Also, every order will get a new Venomous Cosmetics stick pen (..because I'm a pen addict..and I must order and give away pens!)
Lastly, the free samples which come with every order will be from the upcoming "Flashback" Collection.
The "Flashback" Collection will consist of past colors that were best sellers and favorites that have been discontinued.  I have it planned to be up on 12/14 when "Dragons.." ends. 
The second December collection will be called "Flash Forward" and I don't really wanna give too much info about it yet.  (Think sparkly!)  That collection is scheduled for later December, around New Year's.

I still have yet to fix the Lip Poison page, but I haven't forgotten.  I will do that when I get a free moment.


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