Thursday, August 28, 2014

Little Mermaid Lip Poisons

So, here is another piece to the grand re-opening of VC!
First we have "Part of Your World":
This one is pretty pic accurate.  Possibly my favorite of this collection.
Next is "Ursula's Lair":
When the Sea Witch comes to mind, I always think of purple.  This is a fall shade that is medium coverage and not too over the top.
Then we have the problem child... "Hidden Treasures":
I cannot get this to photograph anywhere close to how it appears in real life.  This is a warm pink with stunning red shimmer in the sunlight.
"Kiss the Girl":
This is the neutral shade with a bit extra.  The delicate golden shimmer is so pretty in the sunlight but never overpowering.
Last up is what I believe will be the favorite of most from this collection, "Under the Sea":
Possibly the most beloved song from Disney's Little Mermaid, "Under the Sea" is a bold red that just looks like fun.  It's not too warm or cool for most skin tones.  Don't miss "Sebastian" loose shadow, which is a sister shade, if you like this one.
Hope you all enjoyed the preview! 
I will post more tomorrow!

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