Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nail Trend Giveaway Part 4: Scented

The fourth polish going into the giveaway is LA Girl's "Fruity" polish.  I had heard mixed things about these on a few different blogs, but figured I would try them when I saw them on Cherry Culture
I ended up with (L to R:) Watermelon Splash, Blissful Blackberry, and Blueberry Fizz.

I chose Blueberry Fizz for the Giveaway.

Here it is on the nails.

This is actually darker in person.

The complaints I was hearing on the blogs was about a strong nail polish odor mixed with the scent.  I don't know if I got a better batch or if it's pregnancy nose, but I did not experience this at all.  This color has a blueberry/berry scent that is slowly fading after a day of wear. 

Have you tried scented polish?  What's your take on them?

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  1. I havent tried but Watermelon Splash and Blissful Blackberry seems to be awsome too.