Monday, January 30, 2012

The Icing Magnetix Polish Swatches and Thoughts

So, I wanted to make a second post for The Icing polishes.  I found these the other day when I was at the mall shopping for baby clothes.  They still had all the colors, but I chose the gold/green and the pink/red.  I wish now that I would've gotten the blue one as well!  Darn it!

These are supposed to have removeable magnets on the tops. 
I wanted to make a note that I did not leave the magnet on top of the gold one to show you how they are sold.  The magnet is still on the top because I can NOT get it to come off.  I have tried and tried to pull it off, but it will not come loose.  I think I just got a faulty one.

I have heard that the brushes on these are wonky (bent bristles, curved bristles, stray bristles, etc.).  My brushes were fine, however, it was like I read on The Polishaholic.  Using these brushes was like applying the polish with a mop!
The first two fingers are the pink/red and the last two are the green/gold.  Pointer and ring fingers have just one coat, while I applied two coats to the middle and pinky fingers.
Top swatch is with flash. 

These polishes were $9 at The Icing with a discount of buy one, get one half off (which The Icing always offers).  As I understand it, these are only available in store and not online with the exception of possibly ebay and the like.

Have you tried the Icing's version of the magnetic polishes?  How do you think it compares to other brands like China Glaze and Nails Inc.?

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