Monday, January 23, 2012

"Love Stinks" Collection Swatches- Lip Poisons

Hello lovely people!  I have the swatches and product photos for the new collection ready for you. 

"Love Stinks" is my Valentine's Day Collection.  While V-Day is a day celebrating love, sometimes love just stinks!  Heartaches happen all the time and this is a collection dedicated to those who have felt love's sting.

First up, I have the Lip Poisons.

(L to R:) "Kiss and Break-Up", "Over It", "Shoot Cupid" and "Let U Go".

"Kiss and Break-Up" is a medium bubblegum pink that has small specks of shimmer in direct sun light.

"Over It" is a medium shimmery cerulean blue.  This covers quite opaquely.

"Shoot Cupid" is a deep plummy purple/maroon.  This one is also pretty opaque.

Last, but NOT least.. we have "Let U Go".  This is a true orange with little bits of orange shimmer that can be seen in direct light.  (Sorry for the awful lip swatch here.)

I also have a new Lip Poison at the top of the main page for sale now.  It is named for my new baby boy who is due in May, and will eventually be sold on the Lip Poison page next to his big brother's "Austin Boy".  "Silly Sean the Jellyfish" is a purpley mauve with subtle pink sheen.  This color is completely wearable without being boring or neutral.  I love this one.

These glosses are up for sale on the main page of Venomous Cosmetics now for $6.

                   Stick around for the shadows in the next post!

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