Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nail Trend Giveaway Part 3: Matte-ify Me

The third post for the giveaway is about Matte top coats.  For the giveaway, I have for you: China Glaze's Matte Magic.

There are tons of matte transforming top coats out there, Essie's "Matte About You" being my favorite so far.  China Glaze's version is also lovely!  The thing I noticed with this one is that the effect/drying time takes a bit longer than some of the others.  The effect is so pretty though, just the same.

Here is a swatch of CG's "Drastic" alone. (2 coats)

Here is "Drastic" with CG Matte Magic added over it.

I love the effect it gives darker colors.  It reminds me of those "iced" ornaments at Christmas.   I also LOVE it over flakies!

Here are a few other swatches of Matte Magic from a few polish bloggers:
All Laquered Up's Swatch and Review
Scrangie's Swatches (a little down the page)
Lacquerized's matte top coat comparison

Are you mad for matte?

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