Monday, January 23, 2012

"Love Stinks" Collection Swatches- Shadows.

I had to break the VC post into two posts because it was so pic heavy.  Here is part two- the shadows.

First are the loose powder shadows:
Top: "Miss Independent", "Not So Blue Over You" and "Wilted Roses". 
Bottom: "Don't Look Back".

"Miss Independent" is a deep, dark purple with purple and pink shimmer.

"Not So Blue Over You" is a medium periwinkle with pink qualities.

"Wilted Roses" is one of my favs.  This is a super deep red with aqua sparkle.

"Don't Look Back" is a purple/mauve with a lighter pink sheen. (This one is a bit hard to capture in a pic accurately)

Next, we have the pressed shades.

Top: "Better Off Alone", "Guarded" and "Un-Brokenhearted".
Bottom: "Unattached".

"Better Off Alone" is a lovely purple with a lighter bluish-purple sheen/shimmer.

"Guarded" is a golden shimmering chartreuse.

"Un-Brokenhearted" is a pink verging on hot pink with a brighter pink sheen to it.

"Unattached" is a golden emerald shimmer.

That's it for the collection.  Pressed shades are $6.50 for full size and $2.00 for a 15mm sample pan.  Loose shadows are $6.50 for full size and $1.00 for 1/4 tsp sample baggie.



  1. You have gotta stop tempting me, my to-buy list is already long enough ;)