Monday, January 23, 2012

Nail Trends Part 5 and Giveaway Details!

The fifth and final nail trend that I am including in the giveaway is:  Glitter Holos!!

These are holographic polishes that are not linear, but instead have larger glitter particles that are holographic, resulting in a less uniform holo look.
Milani's 3D holographics are a great example.  For the giveaway, I have for you Milani's "Hi-Tech":

I did not have time to swatch this for you guys due to my polish mishap earlier, but here are few links with awesome swatches of "Hi-Tech":

On to the giveaway!  The prizes are:

China Glaze Matte Magic effects top coat.
LA Girl's Fruity polish in "Blueberry Fizz".
Milani's 3D Holographic Polish in "Hi-Tech".
Color Club holo polish in "Worth the Risque".
Essie's "Shine of the Times".

This giveaway is open internationally.  The only requirement to enter is that you must be a follower of this blog.  You can enter by leaving a comment to this post with the following info:
1. Confirm that you follow (Required)
2. Do you follow Venomous Cosmetics Facebook? (Extra entry)
3. Tweet about the giveaway. (Extra entry)
4. Blog about the giveaway. (Extra entry)
5. What is your favorite nail polish trend? (Extra entry)

This contest closes on February 14th, 2012 at 6pm EST.  The winner will be chosen with a random number generator and be announced shortly after.  Good luck all!

Much Love,


  1. Awesome giveaway! I follow via GFC as Amanda S. and I also like VC on FB as Amanda Solis!

  2. I follow via GFC as olgiepolgie. My favourite nail polish trend is flakies at the moment.

  3. I follow via GFC as Raeven, I follow on FB as Nicole Wendt and I don't really follow trends, I just like whatever looks pretty :)

  4. Amazing giveaway! I follow you on GFC as RoboZelda, follow you on Facebook as Sam E. and my favorite polish trend is combination glitter top coats! Big and small, holo and not, I love layering! And the flakies.

  5. I follow via GFC: Pinkclover. :)
    My favorite nail polish trend is the nail art with continuous image on the nails.

  6. 1.I follow with GFC as snowhite
    2.I follow Venomous Cosmetics on Facebook?as Elena Ionita
    3. I Tweeted about the giveaway here:!/ilencik1/status/161820670139961344
    4.My favorite nail polish trend is the bright red nail polish :) I just love it!

  7. Hi!

    -------------------- I'm now a GFC Follower under: SAUCY | f. | BABY

    -------------------- Just liked you via FB under: Nicole Ordonez

    -------------------- My fave nail polish trend at the moment are flakies. I've never tried them before, but I would love to!

    saucy.baby21 [at] gmail [dot] [com]

    Thank you for the chance! :)

    --- Nicole

  8. 1. I follow through GFC as Hebridean_Sprite
    2. I also follow VC on facebook as Krista Nicolson
    5. My favourite trend has to be holographic shades- absolutely breathtaking!

  9. 1. follower name: Nadia (
    2. I follow Venomous Cosmetics Facebook
    4. Sorry I havent blog about.
    5. Holografic nail polish

  10. I follow via GFC as Rachel and I follow Venomous Cosmetics on Facebook. I blogged about the giveaway on my Tumblr ( My favorite trend would definitely be flakies. They're like part glitter, part holo, and they always look unique.

  11. Oooh! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I'm loving all of these trends and polishes, too!

    I follow you with GFC as katygmorris.
    I like you on FB as Katy M.
    I just Tweeted about this giveaway here:!/katygmorris/status/162247110551552000
    Also, if I had to choose I'd say my favorite trend is flakies right now. I can't get enough of them!

    katygmorris at gmail dot com

  12. I follow by GFC under Kelly R. I also follow Venomous Cosmetics on Facebook.

    setinlacquer at gmail dot com

  13. I follow on GFC under Little Miss Spooky

    just tweetet about the giveaway here!/Lil_Miss_Spooky/status/163780042554474496

    Just liked the facebook page under Helen Tarason

    and my fave trend at the moment is the flakies! I haven't tried them yet cause I haven't been able to find them here in france but they look really cool!

    thank's for the chance!

  14. 1. I follow the blog as Alicia J.
    2. I follow on Facebook as Alicia Bullock-Jarrett.
    3. I tweeted about the giveaway:!/JTServices/status/169112258276888576.
    4. N/A
    5. Matte nail polish

  15. I follow (holehead), i facebook (Holly Coles), i flakies.